Alec James Hawkes

alec hawkes

Alec James Hawkes
52 years old and resides in Leighton Buzzard, UK

1) How long have you been writing?

Seriously for about the last 18 months, but became interested when I was 10. It wasn’t until I left school, about 30 years later, that I began writing.

2) What or who was your inspiration to write?

My teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Weller. She said my writing was unique and told me I was a ‘maverick’ and encouraged me to write. I asked her if she’d read my first book, Commonsense Would Be Good, and she told me to publish it. I was worried about any mistakes and she said not to worry, just publish.

3) Which genre do you like to read?

I read anything that’s well written really. Right now I’m leaning toward historical fiction.

4) Do you write this genre or others? No.

5) Who are your favorite authors?

I haven’t read much since finishing secondary school. My recent favorites are Chuck Lovatt, and Shaun Flynn.

6) How do you choose your characters names?

I have a knack for coming up with silly names. I just think of them and they work for me.

7) Do you edit as you write or after you get your manuscript written?

I was new to the writing business and used an editor for my first book. That didn’t work out well. Now I edit as I write.

8) Do you have an agent, publisher, or self-publish?

If you’ve used more than one which was most profitable? I self-publish.

9) What advice would you give a new writer?

Write exactly what you think and feel. Advice could be conflicting. Do it your own way.

Common Sense Would Be Good

common sense would be good



If Brains Were Dynamite
alec if brains were dynamite





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