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Heidi Peltier

Hi!  My name is Heidi Peltier, and I’m an author from Texas.  I’m a cop’s wife and a stay-at-home mom of two boys ages ten and seven.  In my pre-mom days, I was a high school history and government teacher, and now that my guys are both in school full-time, I’m easing my way back into the classroom as a substitute teacher.  I wear a lot of hats in my line of work.  I’m a cook, a maid, a chauffer, a coach, a cheerleader, a baker, a delivery person, a referee (no, not for sporting events – remember, I said I have 2 boys), a nurse, a dog washer, a laundry woman, a toy repair person, a missing toy locator, a librarian, a spider eradicator, a tutor, and overall Queen of the household who falls into bed every night wondering why she didn’t have time to do anything for herself that…

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Here is my interview with Matt D Woodham


Name, Matt D Woodham

Age, 34

Where are you from? Dorking Surrey

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc, Well I’ve been a father for three years to my beautiful little princess Autumn, & I’ve been with my brilliant, awesome & wonderful partner Tara for coming on 11 years now. Wow where did the time go? My schooling is a little mixed as a result of my parents moving house from Surrey in England where I was brought up until I was 10. Then we moved to Buckie on the Moray coast in northern Scotland which was a massive change for me at that age & so then I finished my schooling in bonnie Scotland ;0) The move was brought about because both of my parents had strong family links to Moray & Aberdeenshire. My mum’s mum & her family came from a small village called Glass…

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Snowed – Part 1

Dellani Oakes

snowed cover image for blogHAPPY HALLOWEEN! Or should I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You’ll find out why in a minute, just keep reading. Welcome to Cheyenne, Wyoming where it’s not unusual for it to snow as early as October. In fact, I had just started writing this story when a friend of mine (who lived in Cheyenne) gave me a call around Halloween. It was nearly 90 degrees here in Florida.

She started our conversation with, “Guess what, it’s snowing! They’re expecting a blizzard!” I started laughing and told her about Snowed. I even read a little bit of it to her. “Sounds about right,” she replied with a laugh. “Let me know how it ends up.”

Sadly, Charlotte died not long after I finished the book and never had the chance to read it in its entirety. I guess it’s just as well, because Big Mike’s antics might have offended her. However, I’d…

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New Release….

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Doomsday: Dark Sage

Now available on Amazon

The piper of Shacklow
The fiddler of Fin
The old woman of Demon’s Dale
Calls them all in.


They said I was born of the Balefire, when the priestesses left the enclosure to open the womb of the land as the dark time fled. I did not know, not then.

She was of the Old People, small and dark, a plump figure hunched singing over the quern. He tended the goats and fowl and life was simple. I learned the ways of hut and hearth, playing in the dirt with the dogs, my feet always stained with the green of the grass.

I do not remember that they ever spoke my name. They called me little one or bright one because of my hair and smiled, and sometimes shared glances I could not read.

Grandmother shared our hut. She never moved from her…

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5 Reasons Why Blogging is Joy – and a Must

Savvy Writers & e-Books online



“At the very least, new authors should be blogging” – that’s what publishers and agents expect.  Blogs are an essential tool of any writer.  Not only does it get you writing on a regular schedule, it lubricates your writer’s brain, eases that fear of putting yourself out there in the world. 
1. Top Authors are Blogging
Top author blogs include those of fantasy authors Neil Gaiman or J.A. Konrath, spirituals Paulo Coelho, Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, and business authors Tim Ferriss and Malcolm Gladwell. They all have sold millions of copies, yet they still blog for fun and… Read more




If you would like to get more support in all things publishing, have your book intensively promoted and learn how to navigate social media sites – or to learn how you can make yourself a name as an author through content writing: We…

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Interviewing with EPIK

The Official Site of Celeste DeWolfe

Since it’s Halloween and all, I thought I’d share a spoooooky story with you… The story of my INTERVIEW!  (Ah!  Gasp!  Eek!)  Because there’s nothing scarier than an interview, am I right?!

But no, really, it wasn’t all that bad.  I just have a tendency to blow things up and out of proportion in my head, and get all nervous and stuff before I get to actually start talking.  Then, it’s not so bad.

So I’m sure you guys remember that I’ve been applying to teach English in South Korea?  Well, this was my SECOND interview–the first was to be accepted by my recruiter, and this one was with the actual English Program in Korea–aka, the people who would actually find me a job.  Luckily, the interview must have gone well–I was accepted!  Now it’s just gathering all the paperwork together and getting everything sent in.  (Still nerve-wracking, but a…

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Midnight Sky by Jan Ruth

Rosie Amber

Midnight SkyMidnight Sky by Jan Ruth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Midnight Sky has a lovely rural setting in North Wales near Snowdonia, with a smaller minor setting in Chester. Laura Brown lives with her partner Simon and together they run Dragon Designs. They are property developers.

Laura’s sister Maggie lives at Hafod House in North Wales and invites Laura to her birthday party where she meets locals Liz and James Morgan-Jones who run a stable yard. They have some cottages that need modernising and making profitable, Maggie hopes Laura can land the job for them but James is a difficult person to get on with and they start off on a bad foot.

There are some wonderful engaging characters in this book to get behind, Maggie’s daughter Ellie is mildly autistic and learning to ride is an ideal therapy for her. Whilst her older sister Jess is wild, out-spoken…

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Book Review Friday – Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant


MBBCover2014Confessions of an Instinctively Mutinous Baby Boomer and her Parable of the Tomato Plant by Marsha Roberts

Once you get the title, you’ll understand the lovely and lively book that Marsha Roberts has written about the ups and downs of her life. I’ve never met Marsha, but after reading her memoir of parables, I feel as if she’s one of my dear friends.

The book is uplifting—more so than any other thing I’ve read lately—and inspiring. She’s the master of the positive spin, but in a way that makes me feel, “Hey, I can do that! I can create miracles in my life. I can have a faith that is visible and tangible.”

I loved so many things about the book that I’ve bookmarked pages and will use them as my nudge to stop feeling sorry for myself when things don’t always go right. Ms. Roberts writes, “I also believed…

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