Katherine Romaine

Synopsis-As Hank Colby, a young patrolman with the Texas Police, is returning from a prisoner transport, he finds a flaming wreckage on the side of the road, with a dead body in the trunk. On returning home, he learns that his pregnant fiancee is missing. Being first on scene to the road-side wreck, Hank automatically becomes the prime suspect. Can Hank clear his name and find his fiancee before time runs out? Only time will tell…

Katherine’s Interview

1. Did you pick your genre or did it pick you?


2. Do you write in multiple genres or just one?

Multiple Genres. As soon as you limit yourself to just one genre you begin to lose your creative edge.

3. How much time do you devote to writing per day?

Not as much as I would like to!

4. What have you published so far?

“In the line of duty”

5. Has your method of writing changed over the course of publishing your books?

Over the course of publishing, no. Over the course of my writing that would be a definite yes. I began writing using a first person point of view, but as a security guard/security supervisor I had to learn to write in a third person point of view. This has helped my writing immensely.

6. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

Doing what I love – Writing and Security

7. Did you self-publish, go the traditional way, or do both?

I self-published.

8. Which method did you prefer?

Self publishing.

9. Of the books that you have written, do you have a favorite? Why?

I would have to say the one that is published. I wrote it with sensory feeling.

10. Why did you become a writer?

I love telling stories and it is fun.

11. Who is your target audience?

My target audience is all ages.

12. What are you working on now?

Developing several series for children and teens.

13. What makes you different from other writers in your genre?

A: I feel that I am different from others in my genres because, as I mentioned earlier, I write with sensory feeling. What I mean by that is when I write it is almost like I enter the story. I can hear the sounds, smell the smells and can deeply feel the emotions of the characters, and all while I am writing the stories. There have been times when I have had to take a break from the writing because I get overwhelmed by my senses during the writing process.


I began writing nearly 20 years ago when I attended a creative writing course (I was 12) and was bitten by the proverbial writing bug! A year after that I completed my first manuscript though it ended up being almost entirely dialogue. For the past 10 1/2 years I have been working in the Security industry.

Having endured many challenges in life, I have developed a very unique view of the world. I love to challenge people’s lines of thinking, and I am always up for a good debate.

My philosophy in life is simple:

-Anything is possible (just because it cannot be proved at this moment in time does not make it impossible)

-Ask questions

-Think for yourself

My personal motto: “Knowledge is power and power is knowledge.”. You cannot have one without the other.

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