Derek A. Barrass

Derek A. Barrass

1) How long have you been writing? Around 15 years

2) What or who was your inspiration to write? Always wanted to write but time didn’t allow.

3) Which genre do you like to read? Why? If you check out what I’ve written, you will see I write on lots of subjects.

4) Do you write this genre or others? Why? Whatever pops into my head I write a story about it.

5) Who are your favorite authors? Not one particular author, Loved all Wilbur Smith books plus all adventure stories

6) How do you create your characters? I think of a subject and use my imagination.

7) Do you give them names before you develop them? Make up names to suit characters as I write about.

8) How do you choose your characters names? Make up names to suit characters as I write about.

9) Do you edit as you write or after you get your manuscript written? Usually I go through the story after writing part, then over and over. Still miss stuff though, like most writers I read what should be there but isn’t.

10) Do you have an agent, publisher, or self-publish? If you’ve used more than one which was most profitable? Always self published and only in e-book form.

11) What advice have you received to help you and what advice would you give a new writer? Never received or looked for advice, if you want to write do it.

All books available on Amazon kindle and Smashwords.


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