Y. Pushkin

Y. Pushkin

1) How long have you been writing? About a year

2) What or who was your inspiration to write? My inspiration came from the Harry Potter series and J.K. Rowling

3) Which genre do you like to read? Why? I like to read fantasy/ epic adventures. It gives you a lot of room for imagination and you can really draw the story in your mind.

4) Do you write this genre or others? Why? As stated before, it gives the writer and reader a broad range to imagine how the story is being written/read.

5) Who are your favorite authors? J.K. Rowling

6) How do you create your characters? First I think of all the details I would like to see the character have: gender, age, physical features, personality, etc. Then I develop the story around those characters.

7) Do you give them names before you develop them? I tend to give them names when I start developing them. Doing this I will be able to connect with my character more as I develop him/her.

8) How do you choose your characters names? Honestly, most names just come off the top of my head.

9) Do you edit as you write or after you get your manuscript written? I try to edit as best as I can and then get it re-edited for quality.

10) Do you have an agent, publisher, or self-publish? If you’ve used more than one which was most profitable? I have self-published in the past but I plan to switch to traditional publishing.

11) What advice have you received to help you and what advice would you give a new writer? Well, to sum it all up, people have told me to just go with my gut. Let the words pour out onto the paper. You never know what you come up with! Dont give up and if you come across writer’s block, take a couple hours or even a day away from writing and then come back to it.





Sig Woods and the Book of Elements (this book is currently being re-edited and will be re published.)

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