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AJ interview
“This feels very good 🙂

1. Hard to say. I think, we both picked each other (don’t ask me how that works). I’ve always been drawn to paranormal mysteries. There’s something about the supernatural unknown that attracts me.

2. My stories are a combination of ya, paranormal, mystery, and thriller. There’s also a fantasy story stuck in my head which I need to write down. If all goes well, it might end up being bigger (if not in fame, then at least in the page count!) than LOTR.

3. Not enough! With university studies, and everything it brings along, it’s tough for me to take out time. However, when I do sit down an write, once a week or so, I end up writing for three hours at a time or even more.

4. The four books in the ‘Colville Mysteries’ series have been published as one book named ‘Arousing the Legacy (a Ya Paranormal Awakening)’. And another book which is a ya, mystery has been published as ‘Missing in Somerville’.

5. Yes! I wrote the first part in the ‘Colville Mysteries’ when I was 15 years old back in 2005 and as I continued to write the series I could see clear changes. I was able to construct the story in a better manner, the characters became more fleshed out, etc. My individual ‘writing style’ is still there, but it has grown better. And I hope to keep improving in the years to come.

6. Haha, still studying further. Maybe Half way through an exciting research in the field of Molecular biology and bio-technology, and hopefully having another two books under my belt.

7. I was lucky enough to find a publisher who helped me in everything ranging from cover designs, promotion, putting books up at various e-book stores, etc. All I have to do is write and they take care of the rest.

8. I haven’t ‘self-published’ but from what I know, talking to other authors who have, it gives more freedom. You can price the books as you like, even give them away for free, etc. Converting the files into the formats required by e-book selling websites looks like a pain in the neck though.

9. That’s a tough question. I like all the works I’ve written. But If I was to really pick a favorite I would have to say ‘Missing in Somerville’, because I’ve tried to debunk some LGBT stereotypes in a sense that sexuality isn’t the only thing that needs to defines you. And the other has to be ‘Colville: The Moon’ (part four of Arousing the Legacy) because I had a lot of fun creating the villains and their powers.

10. It was just something that happened. One day I got the urge to write down the stories in my head and share them with other people.

11. I think my target audience has to be ages ranging from 10-25, maybe even older if they are into paranormal stuff.

12. I’m currently working on the sequel to ‘Missing in Somerville’. It got great reviews and there’s still a lot that can happen to the lead, Jerry, and his teenage friends. I have a mystery that needs solving, and Jerry still has to deal with the questions regarding his sexuality and who he is as a person.

13. I think the way I’ve introduced the paranormal elements is what sets me apart. I’ve never been a fan of the whole ‘Vampires are here to fall in love with you’. I like my paranormal creatures to be the monsters they are meant to be. Not only the supernatural, but human beings too. Humans are capable of horrendous feats as well.

I also give my leads, and other characters more personality. For me characters, especially the leads are human beings. Teenagers need to feel anger, jealously, and be selfish etc. even if they are supposed to be heroes. Growing from one’s mistakes is the journey I’m interested in. I never really felt connected to the whole ‘reluctant hero, with a heart of gold’ story. Yes, the kid or teenager is a reluctant hero, but where did he or she get a heart of gold from? Do they not feel anything at such a young age? Where is their dark side? Where’s the struggle? I’m all for character development my readers can relate to.

A. J. Raven

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A J Raven. . Have been writing since the age of 13. I am an avid reader, writer and i like to play video games. I also like to watch TV shows, which you would know about if you happen to follow me on Twitter. Have always been into fantasy, mysteries, etc. and i guess that’s why my work is the same as well. I believe in sharing my work. So, if anyone wants to read (a bit or whole) feel free to ask!!

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