Book review: ‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson

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A Walk in the WoodsBill Bryson thinks he knows what to expect when he embarks on a journey to hike the Appalachian Trail — some 2,000 miles, stretching from Georgia to Maine. He knows about the wildlife, the heat, the inevitable exhaustion. He’s aware of the dangers posed by being alone in isolated areas, as well as the potential medical risks. But he’s also in need of something . . . reflection, reconnection, fresh challenges. And in the company of Katz, an old friend, Bryson sets off on a life-changing adventure.

First published in 1998, Billy Bryson’s seminal A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail is a book I’ve had on my radar for ages — but one I wasn’t eager to pick up. Surprisingly, I had once convinced myself I wasn’t “into” non-fiction, preferring Jane Austen or Emily Giffin to someone like Bryson, but that started to evolve years…

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Strange & Ever After by Susan Dennard Book Blitz + Giveaway!

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IFB is hosting the promo tour for the third and final book in Susan Dennard’s steampunk, zombie trilogy. Continue below for a sample and a cool giveaway.
17902141Series: Something Strange & Deadly #3
Release date: July 22nd 2014
Publisher: HarperTeen
Purchase: Amazon | B&N
Synopsis via Goodreads:
In the conclusion to the trilogy that Publishers Weekly called “a roaring—and addictive—gothic world,” Eleanor Fitt must control her growing power, face her feelings for Daniel, and confront the evil necromancer Marcus…all before it’s too late.
He took her brother, he took her mother, and now, Marcus has taken her good friend Jie. With more determination than ever to bring this sinister man to justice, Eleanor heads to the hot desert streets of nineteenth-century Egypt in hopes of ending this nightmare. But in addition to her increasingly tense relationships with Daniel, Joseph, and her demon, Oliver, Eleanor must also…

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Wake Up Sleepyhead

Regina Puckett


Wake Up Sleepyhead

Regina Puckett

A beautiful morning glory extended its petals to the dew

An all too brief appearance before it shyly withdrew

You had to be there early to catch a glimpse of its beauty

A soldier of the morning only performing its brief duty

So wake up sleepyhead and run out into the morn

To catch a fleeting glimpse at the world God did adorn

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Great deals for the month of August!

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I have a treat for you I’m sure you are going to love!

What happens when the man you love would rather let you go than admit he might just love you back?

Row of columns (Italy, Vatican)

Her Venice Affair, Book 1 of the Albury Affairs will be #FREE 1st- 5th August! The BWWM Erotica Romance will be free only on Amazon (sorry, there wasn’t much choice with their new policy.)

The series is complete so don’t miss this chance to get one of the books free and the others for $5.99 each.

You don’t want to miss these three siblings journey to true love. Riana Albury in Her Venice Affair, Reno Albury  in His Bahamas Affair and Ruiz Albury,  the brother they never knew they had in His Paris Affair!

 “One of the best interracial romance I’ve read in a long time!”Amazon Reader.

 But there is…

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Walking away

Jane Dougherty Writes

The rain has stopped and between the clouds
The sun sends out a feeble tendril of warmth.
I stand beneath the drip drip drip of the broad-leaved mulberries
My feet in the damp grass among the snails.
You walk away down the shiny wet path
Your feet the first to tread it’s sleekness after the rain.
Grey clouds scud above your head
Shooting inland from the tossing sea
Throwing the last cold drops against your back.
I hold out my hands to catch something
Perhaps just the memories shooting away
Faster than the wind driving the clouds.
But all I catch are handfuls of raindrops
Or are they tears?

©Brocken Inaglory  ©Brocken Inaglory

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