…serious Authors… if yeez want to be taken seriously, then do yer research seriously…

Seumas Gallacher

…contrary p’raps to the image this ol’ Jurassic would like to project about himself, I don’t always get ev’rything 100%right… and not just the ‘I was wrong once, when I thought I was wrong’ kinda 100%right… and if getting yer knees kicked is evidence of mistakes, errors, faux pas, and sheer f*ck-ups, then my historical bruises would make a posse of hospital E.R. teams wince… notwithstanding that, Mabel (doncha LUV that WURD?… ’notwithstanding’), it is imperative to check yer facts, do yer homework… NUTHIN spoils a reader’s enjoyment of a good book quicker than when a wee factoid appears out of left field and is blatantly incorrect… in the days before the internet, quill-scrapers had access to dictionaries, atlases, reference libraries, and where relevant, back numbers of newspapers… fast-forward to the present day… much as I sum’times rail against the over-reliance on gadgetry (for example, checkout…

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Author Interview Number Seventy-Five – Lazlo Ferran

Library of Erana

Welcome to Lazlo Ferran

Where are you from and where do you live now? I live and work in London.

Please tell us a little about your writing – for example genre, title, etcThat is a difficult question to answer because I don’t feel limited by genres, have never recognised them and my readers have come to expect that I will cross any genre boundary without recognising it. I have published fourteen books; three collections of short stories, two science fiction stories, two occult thrillers, one spooks thriller, one historical epic, one contemporary literary novel in two volumes, one war thriller and now Lotus. The best way to put this is that I look for a story that stimulates me and tests my philosophical limits. If it doesn’t stretch me, I will not be able to engage and excite the reader. Categorising my books is a constant necessity…

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Great Time for Authors to Shop for Promotional Supplies


Author Michelle Proulx’s cool bumper sticker.


Black Friday. Cyber Monday. It’s a great time to enjoy holiday savings.

But not just for t.v.’s, clothes, and gifts.

Authors can find great deals on promotional supplies, too.

It’s a great time to order bookmarks, posters, business cards—even domain names.

Look for great deals at Vista Print, for example.

Don’t get so busy shopping for gifts that you forget to look for great deals on author supplies.

I discovered author Michelle Proulx’s bumper sticker recently and thought it was pretty cool.

Michelle is currently running a successful IndieGoGo campaign, which includes this bookmark in the Swag Bag option.


The featured book, Imminent Danger, is a great read. If you enjoy space opera, look for its re-release: It will be worth the wait.

Read Tuesday

Imagine a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers.

You don’t have to…

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One Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson

Dena Rogers

One Frosty NightOne Frosty Night by Janice Kay Johnson

Olivia Bowen would rather avoid this holiday season. Even her satisfaction at improving the family business doesn’t make up for the loss of her beloved father and the sudden tension with her mother. Olivia questions how much longer she can live in her hometown. And her decision is further complicated by Ben Hovik.

She should keep her distance—he broke her heart years ago. Yet his compassion and their still-sizzling attraction are seductive. Could she be falling for him again? When she spends Christmas with Ben and his teenage son, she wonders if this might be the first of many more….


Not your average Christmas read, One Frosty night is an unusual winter tale with an element of suspense and mystery, but also a heartwarming love story.
Death, children and past pains, it’s a story that stays true to and deals with everyday…

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Thoughts About The Christmas Season

The One & Only Elgon


The other day someone said there’s magic in the air at this time of year, as if this were the only time of the year that magic exists. I don’t know about that. Largely we make our own magic. Maybe it’s Christmas that allows us to see the magic that is always in the world but we usually ignore it because we don’t have theme to stop and pay attention. But that’s the subject for a future blog.

The statement prompted me to take a look at how oddly people change  for this season – for both the good and bad. And i also considered how the season has changed since I was kid. There is good magic and bad magic, isn’t there? We certainly see evidence of both on Black Friday – and now the day before it that use to be Thanksgiving Day.

Going back to my earliest…

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Matthew Drzymala

It’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Albert’s Christmas had to undergo a final chapter rewrite, but I’m much happier with it now and with this news I can announce that Albert’s Christmas is now available to Pre-orderfrom Amazon. If you didn’t catch my previous launch day post, I am running a launch party on Facebook and giving away lots of fantastic prizes.

First up, on 11th December, the day before release, I will be giving away a FREE copy of Albert’s Christmas on the proviso of a review. Not that I would usually pester anybody for a review, but as it is a free giveaway, I’m hoping that those who enter will be up for reading it and posting the first review on launch day to get me up and running.

However, that’s not all. I will also be giving away four Bumpkinton themed pens. They are a…

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The Sunday Show – Tess (Teresa) Karlinski – What Does The World Need Now?

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to What does the world need now? My guest this week is a mother and grandmother who has experienced single parenting, hosted foreign students while they studied English and has shared her travels to China in a fascinating series that has taken us all along for the ride.

Tess (Teresa) Karlinski is a wonderful support to other bloggers and although we have never met I feel that one could enjoy discussions on many topics and also find an attentive and helpful ear for one’s problems.

Apart from a love of writing that we share, it is also great to meet a fellow music lover and I was delighted to find out in my research that Tess intends to keep dancing and singing as long as she has breath.

Apart from the absorbing posts about her trip to China, Tess also is an aficionado of ‘Flash Fiction’ and on Tuesdays…

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N.L. Hoffmann’s Death Design is being released December 1, 2014!

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

death design

Synopsis of Death Design
“Sin Noble is the President’s personal assassin due to her unique way of killing. What most don’t know, is that he is also her brother. Found on the streets by her best friend, she immediately adjusted to the assassin life by going against nature and using her reaper powers to take people before their time. As Death she has the ability to alter the Death Design that says when and who should die, but that doesn’t come without a price.

When she is sent by her brother to assassinate a suspected blackmailer, she soon realizes that situation is more complicated than he let on. She is teamed up with another assassin, Liam Sanders, who she hates with a passion, but soon that turns into something her hormones can’t refuse. Running into her supernatural fathers and sarcastic sisters, it soon becomes a combined effort that reveals The…

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