A fun writing exercise for your Muse.

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A friend of mine, Heather Osborn, who is my editor and fellow author, just had a birthday.  She received this really awesome present called:

The book is full of writing prompts.  Which is really helpful if your muse went on vacation and forgot to give notice, leaving you stranded.  This will get your writing juices going.  See, you really didn’t need that Muse after all.
Anyway, she posted one of the writing prompts in a group we’re a part of: Epilogues Classics.  It was called Epilogues Book Club, before Facebook decided to eat the group.  No warning, just gone.  The group is for readers to meet new authors, and authors to meet new readers.  It’s a fun group, and I would suggest joining.
It’s amazing how writers will take the same prompt and come at it from different angles.  So, for a bit of fun, I thought I’d…

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