Helen Ingram

Helen Ingram

1) Did you pick your genre or did it pick you?

A mixture of both, I started writing poetry at the age of twelve, but I also had a massive passion for art and design.During completing my BA Honours Fine Art degree, it kept finding myself returning back to poetry and creative writing. I guess creativity just flows through me.

2) Do you write multiple genres?

Yes, currently I am doing poetry on a wide spectrum of subjects and I am planning on writing my first fiction book which is about a high school girl.

3) How much time do you devote to writing per day?

I spend about four hours writing my books and promoting when I can, as I also have a child to bring up. Sometimes its hard to get the right balance.

4) What have I published so far?

I have self published one book on Amazon called ‘Love, Hurt And Loss A Collection of poetry.’ Which serves as an introduction to my work and is written in a contemporary style.

5) Has your method of writing changed over the course of publishing your book?

Yes, I spend more time editing and ensuring that all the way through says to me. I would read that. I also try to aim to make my books interesting enough so you continue reading and that it doesn’t send you to sleep. I do find myself looking back on old work now and again and discovering errors.

6) Where do you see yourself a year from now?

I hope to achieve a big social platform following and to carry on producing books. Exploring new ways of expressing my creativity and maybe one day return to art. To return art I would like to incorporate both my written word and art.

7) And 8) Did you self publish or traditional way or both?

I self published as it fitted me well. I like working at my own pace and not feel pressured to rush a piece of work. I think I will always prefer self publishing as its more cheaper and the author generates more of a return.

9) Of the books which you have written, which I your favorite and why?

I think my favorite would be my upcoming fiction book which I don’t have a title for yet so watch this space. In ‘Love, Hurt and Loss A collection of poetry,’ I would have to say that my favorite poem is ‘I always dreamed’ as its based on a true life experience and reflects on when I meet my partner and had my son.

10) Why do you become a writer?

I became a writer as I love being creative and expressing myself in any art form.

11) Who is my target audience?

My target audience at present is people who like poetry in any form mainly contemporary poetry. My poetry generally explores any topic, but my fiction book will be soppy, and romantic.

12) What are you working on now?

The books I am working on right now is my second poetry book ‘My World’ which explores themes of society, politics and nature. My fiction book which I haven’t named yet but will be exploring themes of sexuality, bullying, cyber bullying and family breakdown of relationships.

13) What makes you different from other writers?

What I like to think makes me different, is that I don’t conform, I take bits from everything that I like. Whether it is the world we live in to personal issues. I guess my work focuses on real life and real life issues. I like my creativity writing to or be taken somewhere new. See things in a different way or a new light.

This poetry book is an introduction to Helen Ingram’s poetry. The poetry themes range from love to the loss of a loved one. The poetry book draws on personal experiences and many variations of love. Whether forced, seductive or romantic. Each one of the poem has its own chapter title. This book uses a varied style, of different poetry approaches of form and rhyme.

Reviews so far on this first book by Helen Ingram outside of Amazon,

‘Luv it’ Roger Beleffi

‘I always dreamed….I just read it. Lovely poem.’ Davide Barbanera

About the Author *per her author’s page at Amazon

Helen Ingram (1987 to present)was born in Enfield, Hertfordshire to British parents, grew up in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire and traveled to Staffordshire to do a fine art degree before returning back to Cheshunt in 2011. Her poetry has been published in many Forward Poetry and United Press publications. Her work has appeared Poetry Rivals 2011 and 2012.Helen has been writing poetry since the age of twelve and continues to do so till this day.

Publications with Forward Poetry

‘This is me’ published in ‘Poetry Rivals Collection 2011 Suspended in Ink’

‘Cameron’ published in ‘A Symphony of Life a Collection of Poetry’

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