Marion Lovato

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1. Did you pick your genre or did it pick you?

The genre of children’s books picked me when I became a cat owner. Up until that time, I had always thought I would write a novel….someday. But the antics of this younger cat of mine just tickled me so much that I wanted to share. I live with the “raw material”, so it’s a natural to combine my years of teaching, what he does, and my imagination to develop a children’s book.

2. Do you write in multiple genres or just one?

Just one at this point. Who knows? He might do something that would inspire me to write a murder mystery. (No, I’m not going to kill my cat)

3. How much time do you devote to writing per day?

That varies according to what life is throwing at me every day. Some days, it’s an hour. Other days, nothing at all. Caring for my elderly mother and some social obligations have to fit in there too.

4. What have you published so far?

Sam, the Superkitty is the book that’s available now. I have three other stories written, but not published yet.

5. Has your method of writing changed over the course of publishing your books?

Since I only have one book, I would say no. However, where I have noticed a change is in the blogs that I write. My writing was pretty stiff and formal at the beginning, but I see that it has become conversational and comic. Guess my personality is starting to come out.

6. Where do you see yourself a year from now?

With the other three stories published and well into a series of Sam, the Superkitty. He will no longer just use his super powers in his home. Look out, world, here he comes!

7. Did you self-publish, go the traditional way, or do both?

So far, I have published the traditional way. I was not very well informed when all this happened, and I can see some of the mistakes I’ve made. For the next few books, I would like to try self-publishing and then compare to see what fits for me.

8. Which method did you prefer?

Don’t have an opinion on that until I do both.

9. Of the books that you have written, do you have a favorite? Why?

The original Sam, the Superkitty, for right now. One of the future stories turned out so cute that I’m anxious to see how that one does. I’ll give you a hint…..Sam meets some worms.

10. Why did you become a writer?

The contortions, antics, and facial expressions this cat can show me are way too cute to keep to myself!

11. Who is your target audience?

The book is rated at a third-grade reading level. I’ve had parents read it to younger children who seem to enjoy it as well. The funniest part is watching parents giggling to themselves when looking over the book for the first time. That’s when I wonder who I’m really writing for, the kids or the parents?

12. What are you working on now?

The other three stories I wrote.

13. What makes you different from other writers in your genre?

In my own mind, I’m not really sure. I’ll say that the publishing company told me I had a very “unique” way of writing. Is that good or bad? If it sells a lot of books, then it must be good!

Marion is the host for the group’s Children’s Literature Blog and she invites the readers and fellow authors to interact through comments, posts and author pages.

Marion’s chief life influences most importantly were her parents. She is currently writing genre Fictional Children’s Literature and poetry.

Marion Lovato

Writing the “Great American Novel” has always been a dream, but it seemed that life would get in the way! Wrote short stories when I was a child and then started writing poetry when I graduated from college. Dedicated a poem and a scrapbook of pictures to my parents one year for Christmas just to let them know how much I loved them. Tears flowing from their eyes told me I had reached their hearts as well. Heck, I even wrote a poem that was copyrighted and put in the Denver Broncos locker room when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

After graduating from college, I spent two years as a teacher in Colorado. Then I moved back to Wyoming to raise my boys. The next twenty years were spent as a teacher in this system. I retired from teaching the first time and went back to Colorado to spend the next 13 years in retail. The turn of the century found me in Las Vegas where I became part of the Clark County School District in 2004. I retired again in 2011. My younger son asked me how many times I was going to do this! I told him, “Until I get it right”. Well, so far, so good.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about teaching was watching the expression on children’s faces when they were thoroughly enjoying a story. Big smiles, and totally involved. By this time, I had two cats in the family. Even though the idea of a novel was still in the back of my mind, I decided to write about the younger cat named Sammy. He was a feral cat for about 5 months before we finally trapped him. It took several years and a LOT of patience to get him to the point that he would trust us. It paid off. He will always have that streak of not trusting completely. However, he is now very lovable and funny. I just have to laugh at him sometimes with the crazy things he does. So, I took some of these crazy things, combined it with my imagination, and you have Sam, the Superkitty. There are three separate stories in the book written in prose form. Two of those stories are also written in poetry form. This book has been read to elementary classes and is kid approved


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