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Dale Furse

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Thank you so much to everyone who entered my Rafflecopter giveaway. I’m sorry you couldn’t all win but a big congratulations to the three lovely people who won a complete set of the Wexkia trilogy. I hope you enjoy the books. 🙂

Don’t forget there’s still a few more days of giveaways to go and also more chances to win $100 gift card and a Kindle Fire from eNovel Authors at Work!

Click on the dates to take you to the Rafflecopters and click on the authors’ names to find out more about them and their books. 🙂

JULY 27: 2 copies of “Sliding Past Vertical,” 2 copies of “Playing Charlie Cool,” 1 copy of “Don’t Tell Anyone,” and 1 copy of “Drawing Breath” by Laurie Boris.

JULY 28: 2 copies each of “PHENOMENA: The Lost and Forgotten Children” and 2 copies of “Miranda Bay” by Susan Tarr.

JULY 30: “Rise of…

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#Lanzamiento ‘Asuntos angélicos 3. Pink, ¿ángel o demonio?’ publicado el 30 de Agosto. Y el primer libro de mi serie juvenil, GRATIS

Just Olga

Hola a todos:

Sí, el día 30 sale publicado el último libro en mi trilogía juvenil Asuntos angélicos: Asuntos angélicos 3. Pink, ¿ángel o demonio? Ha sido una maratón, pero ya no queda mucho.

Asuntos angélicos 3. Pink, ¿ángel o demonio? Asuntos angélicos 3. Pink, ¿ángel o demonio?

Hasta ahora había compartido canciones, fragmentos, etc, pero cuanto más nos acercamos al final más difícil es no revelar detalles importantes del argumento, así que en lugar de eso, se me ocurrió entrevistar a uno de los personajes, G, que aunque es un demonio, accedió a contestar unas cuantas preguntas.


Hola G: Es muy amable de tu parte acceder a venir a hablar con nosotros sobre Asuntos angélicos. Debes estar muy ocupado.

¿Por qué? ¿Porque soy un demonio?

Bueno, sí, pero sé que no te gusta que te llamen demonio.

No es el nombre de por sí, sino las ideas que crea en la mente de la gente…

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#AngelicBusiness3.Pink,AngelorDemon? out on the 30th. The end is near. And first book in the series FREE

Just Olga

Hi all:

Yes, the last novel in my YA trilogy Angelic BusinessAngelic Business 3. Pink, Angel or Demon? is out on the 30th of July, this Thursday.

Angelic Business 3: Pink, Angel or Demon? Angelic Business 3: Pink, Angel or Demon?

I’ve been bringing you samples of the books and songs, but as we’re so close to the end, and I don’t want to reveal any vital information, I’ve decided to bring you an interview with one of the characters, G.


Hi G. It’s very kind of you to agree to come and talk to us about Angelic Business. Life must be very busy for you.

For me? You mean for a demon.

Well, yes, but I know you don’t like being called a demon.

It’s not so much the name, as the connotation. Once people start talking about demons they imagine silly things. Red skin, horns, hoofs, a tail… All that.

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John. Kris & Me…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Andrew JoyceMy name is
Andrew Joyce, and I write books for a living. My dog, Danny, usually occupies this space, but he’s off sailing with his girlfriend. So now ya’all are stuck with me. I can already hear the moans and groans, but don’t worry, Danny will return to these pages next month.

Chris has been kind enough to allow me a little space (only because Danny was not available) on his blog to promote my new book, MOLLY LEE. (It’s averaging 4.9 stars on Amazon.) I would like to do so by telling you of something that happened to me a long time ago, and for what it’s worth, this a true story. However, first a commercial break. Here’s the Amazon link to my book:


Now we can get started.

It was 1968; I was eighteen-years-old, and I was hitchhiking from Miami to New York. I had…

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David Blackthorn ‘Catalyst of Evil’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: John Matsui

Catholic priest John Wilburn is spending his 50th year filling in for a colleague at an upstate New York church. His day takes a worrying turn when a troubled young man enters the confessional booth.

The man is haunted by visions of him torturing and killing people at a college campus.

Before Father Wilburn can organize his thoughts, the temperature plunges. His breath fogs the air. The young man’s voice and demeanor change. He’s no longer pleading for help but relishes the coming carnage.

As suddenly as it began, the man leaves the confessional. The priest is quick out of the booth, hoping to help the young man. He’s gone, vanished at preternatural speed.

Karen Innis, a new 911 operator, takes a call. In a sinister hiss, the caller reports a murder. He then describes the scene in detail and triumphantly admits he is the…

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Got this email from an old friend…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


We were dressed and ready to go out for a dinner and theater evening. We turned on a ‘night light’, flipped the answering machine on, covered our pet parrot and put the cat in the backyard. Then we phoned the local taxi company and requested a ride.

The taxi arrived and, as we opened the front door, the blasted cat scooted back in the house. We didn’t want her shut in the house because she always tries to get at the parrot. So my wife walked out to the taxi while I went back inside to get the cat – who ran upstairs with me in hot pursuit.

Waiting in the cab, my wife didn’t want the driver to know the house would be empty for the night; so she explained that I would be out in a minute. “My husband’s just going upstairs to say good-bye to…

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