Mystery Mondays: Debra Purdy Kong


oppositeFrom security guard to author, let’s welcome Debra Purdy Kong. This week is of special interest to me since both Debra and I have a background in the security field. The first book I read of Debra’s, THE OPPOSITE OF DARK, gave me confidence that I too could write about security. Debra also signed with Imajin Books not long after I did, so we are travelling this year’s writing journey together.

Here is what Debra has to say about the security business and writing.

Patrolling & Dispatch: Two Very Different Worlds

By Debra Purdy Kong

When you’re a security guard at a post-secondary campus as I was, you’ll soon realize that there’s a lot to learn fast. Memorizing the location of every fire panel, emergency phone, panic alarm, and roof access in over thirty buildings is just the start.

I walked for over six hours per shift, in and…

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