Guest Post: Brian Downes


Carrefour Crisis Front Cover

How Much Detail Gets You to 1939?

All fiction is historical fiction, sooner or later. My own novel, The Berlin Fraternity, was written in the twenty zeroes, and begins almost ninety years earlier. The follow up that I am writing now, Red Sleeper, is set in 1956. In those books, I had to create – or recreate – believable historical periods for the characters to strive and suffer in.

But the book I wrote between those two, The Carrefour Crisis, was written in 2010 and 2011 – and is set in 2012. But I knew that the book would have a life long after the year in which it was set. When readers encountered it in 2022, or when readers not yet decanted from their natal tanks when I was doing the writing found it online in 2050, it would be historical fiction.

Our digital evernow makes…

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