Something New – Part 20

Dellani Oakes

something new coverLiat drives Austin home. He invites her upstairs of a cup of tea, but instead, ends up kissing her.

Rubbing his mouth across hers soothed the sting, he licked her lips. She invited him to take more, which he did, kissing her tenderly. Austin stood less than a foot, but more than six inches from Liat. He could feel her body heat buffet against him, exciting him. Somehow, it was even more thrilling having her a few inches away than it would have been having her against him. He thought that until she closed the gap between them and her hips pressed against his.

No, that’s ever so much better, he concluded.

Her hands crept around his back, dropping so she could put her hands on his back pockets. A playful squeeze made him laugh, breaking the hypnotic lure of her mouth.

“I see what it is, you’re after my…

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