Flash Fiction Friday: A Fit In Acts

Bizarro Central

by Chris Meekings

The curtain opens.

The fairies in the audience rustle restless in their seats. They eat sticks of marzipan, noisily.

Lights up.

Enter an announcer. He’s dressed in a full black suit. His hair is immaculate and plastered down to his skull with soup.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he intones, reading from a thin script which wafts in a breeze that comes from someplace.

“We were to have started with act 1 scene 1. However, since this has been deemed misogynistic and degrading, we will start with act 3 scene 4. Which, as it now appears first, will be called act 1 scene 1, making a grand total of act 4 scene 5.”


The same afternoon. Enter a room into a man.

“Ouch,” he says, having never had a room enter him before.

And so the world proceeds according to its weigh. The Earth spins…

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