‘Creepy Comics #21’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Matt Molgaard

It’s been some time since I jumped back into the Creepy mix, and truth be told, I’ve only read one single issue of Dark Horse’s new reboot. But I enjoyed the contemporary work, which tells me it is time to get back on board full time. While some catchup will be required, today the mission begins with the brand new issue, number 21.

The book includes three key tales, The Dance, Thing of Darkness and The Binding Ceremony, and for the most part all three are impressive works. The Dance is a fun spin (written by the talented Jeff Parker) on the age old ghost on the side of the road trope, but it’s done very well, with sharp artwork (from Sandy Jarrell) and a speedy, fluid narrative. The twist at the end isn’t necessarily unexpected, but it is well-executed.

Thing of Darkness looks to keep…

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