August Interview: Yola Biggs the Chaos Goddess

Legends of Windemere

Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt Yola Biggs by Kayla Matt

  1. If you had the choice of any occupation, what would you actually like to be?
    I’d want to be a jellyfish.  Just float around the ocean and stinging things.  Nyder says I’d be good at that because they don’t have brains.  I think he means I’d be a really smart jellyfish.
  2. Do you have any hobbies that you would like to be able to spend more time on?
    I would like to get back into painting.  The Baron made me stop when I colored the castle an ugly yellow that made the entire continent sick.  Then I tired sculpting, but people got angry when I rearranged their bones and organs.  Nobody understands true art.  All they do is yell ‘Don’t do that, Yola! My liver doesn’t bend that way, Yola!’  I put everyone back the way they were before.  Only two casualties…

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