6 Things Writers Should Know About the Myers-Briggs Distinction T(hinking) vs F(eeling)

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

a feeler or a thinker? a feeler or a thinker?

A couple of weeks ago, I published 20 questions writers can ask to get to know their characters. Some of those questions focused on Myers-Briggs personality breakdown.

For purposes of characterization, I’d like to delve more into Myers-Briggs. So, this will be the first post of four on the topic. I hope to write a post about each pair (not necessarily in order.)

DISCLAIMER: I’m no expert in psychology or Myers-Briggs. I’m just speaking from my very basic understanding of the big differentials, applying what understanding I have to creative writing. This post is meant to help writers, not to provide psychological testing or personality feedback.

If you aren’t familiar with Myers-Briggs, it definitely has its limitations. Still, it can be useful to explore fictional characters we’re creating. The system presents 16 personality types based on four pairs of contrasting characteristics. Each pair represents two…

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