Mutt’s Musings, or why he needs a lead?


2015-06-01 09.29.46We were out walking, He-Who-Blogs and me, and for once we got talking. It started with an argument. He said I was rabbiting on and I got angry. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? It was at the very least doggist to compare me to a lower piece of the food chain. It might even have been speciesist and when I said as much he got all huffy and said I’d not been leaping on his lap as much as I used to and I said that’s because he’s at that computer all the time and he said he had a book to get out and that’s when we really went at it.

I’m not unaware. I know I treat him a bit like those supermarket home delivery people: you know, you send out for fresh chicken and end up with a packet of dry biscuits and a voucher for dog…

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