I Don’t Always Play With Toys

Marion's Superkitty Tales and Children's Books

(True story of my older cat. Glad he finally let me in on his secret!)

Kirby was rescued when he was just 5 months old. He was found wandering on a school playground and taken into the building. He was hungry, cold, and very scared. He was so cute that a human took him home to her house. He was loved, fed, and, best of all, there were two cats already there. He was so glad to see his own kind again. Both of the cats were girls and accepted him. They played with him and showed him a little pink tub that had toys in it. At first, he played with the little balls that would roll on the floor, but he soon grew tired of them.

No matter how many toys were put into the pink tub, the only one that Kirby would always play with was a…

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