Notes from a small dog LXI

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

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She was out for ages the other day. I had to let her off though, ‘cause she brought me a friend to play ball with at the weekend. He’s well trained… until he hides the ball in the bushes… but he’s pretty good at sharing the cheese an’ stuff.

‘Pparently, they were going out without me again next day. I ask you… he’d only just arrived…!

So I had a listen, thinking that they might just be persuaded to take me with them. I knew I didn’t stand a chance when they started talking about restaurants and pizzas. I never get pizza any more…

I was determined, though, to find out what they were up to, so I pretended to go to sleep for a bit under the table and just listened in. Well, it just got worse… not only going out without me, but to a Bloggers thingy as…

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