Distractions and Digressions (revisited)

Musings of a Mystery Novelist

Yet I’m determined (compelled?) to write and post something here each week, even if I don’t have anything substantial to share. After all the purpose of this blog (or at least the initial brainwave) was to document (to a certain degree) my journey whilst writing my novel(s), though I have been (curiously) vague about the various works in progress. Aside from the (few) entries posted outside of my usual weekly posting schedule last year (that Writing Prompt Project, wherein I [sincerely] attempted to write something every day using a 100 writing prompt list I found online), and the (quasi) fictional three part series about the (mythical) Land of Exposition, I haven’t actually posted anything remotely fictional.

Then again, from a certain point of view, everything I’ve written and posted thus far could be considered a work of (quasi) fiction or perhaps creative non-fiction (a term which almost seems like an…

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