Cree Storm — The Mistress of M/M Erotica


11250918_412309605622140_5622315692191268417_n  CREE STORM

Cree lives in Southern New Mexico. The only thing she loves more than reading about gorgeous men and love is writing about them. Spending time with her friends and family is also very important to her. When she’s not writing or spending time with the love of her life, you can find her contemplating the Oregon Mountains in her backyard with a nice hot cup of coffee and her laptop, or on Face book with her many friends.

“I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is make myself a BIG pot of coffee. Then I get out my laptop and go thru my Facebook posts. After that, I start writing. I try to write a little bit everyday. I would say I write between 2000-4000 words on the days I can focus. The days I’m not as motivated, I’m usually doing research…

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