Do you want a solution for blog stress?

Jean's Writing

Sometimes I feel the stress of putting out another post almost as much as making that story deadline. Maybe more. Blogging is like the dishes or the laundry. As soon as the table is cleared, and everything put away, it’s time to start cooking all over again. Or take the laundry. I’ve no sooner folded the last towel than I turn around and the basket is full again. I swear there are elves bringing in their dirty duds for me to wash when I’m not watching. But I like to eat and I enjoy wearing clean clothes so what’s a person to do?

So when I read an article wrote by Will Blunt for Business to Community about A 6 Step Writing Process to Blog More and Stress Less, I felt relieved.

I’m not alone. Someone else understands this blog treadmill too.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve found…

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