“Witchwoods” by Gary D. Henry

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady



“Witches, most maligned as evil emissaries of the devil himself, have mystified us for centuries. The devil placed women, perceived to have sold their souls, into communities to wreak havoc on society. The Puritan leaders, during the birth of the country, believed this when they systematically tried to rid the world of witches during the Salem witch trials in 1692. To the religious zealots of the time, the trials rectified the perceived departure of the accused from the group’s strict puritanical beliefs and rid their community of the impurities that the so-called witches represented. One of those convicted witches escaped the tyranny of the times and cast her revenge deep within the woods of Tennessee.

Three couples, all young and excessively rich, decided to spend their twenties exploring the world and then embarking on starting families and living the American dream. The friends were inseparable, all…

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