Writing Prompt — 3

Anna Dobritt -- Author

100-250 Words. No TO BE verbs (Am, are, is, was, were, be, been, become, became).

No -ly Adverbs.

A stranger bumps into you, later you check your pocket. The note that was slipped inside sends you on a journey you never expected.

221 Words
The lunch crowd in the cafeteria made it difficult to maneuver. One guy bumped into me and I almost fell. Stupid ass didn’t bother to apologize either. I often wonder why I stay in this dead-end job, the endless entering of numbers and names into a database. Is this what I went to college for?

I grab a sandwich and reach into my pocket for money. Instead of pulling out a five-dollar bill, I find a folded piece of paper. I shove it back in my pocket and bring out the cash needed. Back at my desk, I check the paper and my eyebrows meet my…

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