Writing Exercise — 1

Anna Dobritt -- Author

The following is an exercise we did in Writers World Boot Camp 2.

The piece couldn’t be longer than 500 words and had to contain the following elements:

 You are all going to a conference of award winning authors, where the first 50 get a million dollars. (THAT’S your goal, and clearly, the other authors on OTHER planes want to get there before you!)

Your plane is distressed. I don’t care WHY, you tell me. What conflict and what resolution are you going to give this journey? (I don’t care what conflict you give them, but remember, the greater the conflict, the greater the story)

My Exercise

The pilot’s voice droned over the intercom. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached cruising altitude. ETA at LAX is one hour. Enjoy your flight.”

Anna glanced out the window, hands gripping the armrests. “Why I agreed to go I’ll never know. I…

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