Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

writers block demolitionGreetings, folks!  My name is Whit McClendon, and the fabulous Viv has asked me to write something for her blog.   I’m honored (bows deeply)!  I’m a self-published author working on book 2 of a trilogy and having an absolute blast.  I’ve had quite a few say things like, ‘I’ve always wanted to write a book,’ and ‘How did your first book come about?’  I figured I could comment on those topics while I’m visiting.

Firstly, I must say this:  if you want to write a book, then sit down and get started writing the thing.  Now.  Right away.  There is no tomorrow, my friends, get started on that thing as soon as you possibly can.  Yes, you might stink as a writer.  That’s highly possible.  That being said, you might also write something that lots and lots of people enjoy, so why are you depriving us of your work?  Get…

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