Ladies & Gentlemen, Meet…Geoff Le Pard

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Geoff Le Pard Author, Writer, and Blogger, Geoff Le Pard

One of the best things to come from blogging are the other bloggers you encounter.

My guest today is Geoff Le Pard, a man who has, what I would call, a wicked sense of humour.

Geoff and I have many a banter in the comments we leave on each other’s blogs, and he always seems to have time for me. He can certainly bring a smile to my face and, if he can do that, then I can guarantee he can bring a smile to your face.  He’s a great family man and a huge, huge lover of the game of cricket.  I recently got into some hot water with him when cricket made my list of top ten things I hate about Summer, but I think he has forgiven me…I hope!

His blog, TanGental, is written as if he is talking…

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