Something New – Part 14

Dellani Oakes

something new coverAustin finds himself in a quandary. He’s highly attracted to Liat, which is made all too plain when he kisses her. Flustered by his reaction, he has a mild panic attack. Here is a woman he likes and respects, has to get naked with, and knows he will embarrass himself. Fortunately, Sandy understands, and agrees to dispense with the naked love scene, something they’d been wanting to work away from in any case.

Liat wandered to his table as Robert and Sandy walked away. Austin invited her to sit.

“What was that all about?”

“We’ve decided to rewrite the love scene.”

“Oh? Why?”

“I’ve been trying all this season, and half of last, to drift away from the tits and ass—mostly my ass—aspect of the show. We got the idea, already. He’s a playboy who roams the universe shagging anything with remotely the right stuff. How likely is it that…

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