Erotica Undercover — Rising Star Elise Covert


EliseCovert Elise Covert

Elise has two Erotica novels to her credit and is poised to become an up-and-coming writer in the Erotica Genre. She’s a featured Author in the Sirens SINSational Summer Showcase (August 5th — 9th) and will certainly wow you with her saucy talent.

Elise Covert SSSS

Now, Check Out My Interview With Elise.

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When did you know you wanted to write erotica?

It was a gradual realization. Once I was an adult and started writing longer pieces, all of my work had a very distinct sexuality to it. I was mainly writing in the horror/thriller genre and while it definitely wasn’t erotic, there were strong sexual themes. I switched to romance about two years ago specifically to give myself a challenge: I wanted to write the romance novel that I wanted to read, exploring the emotions that are involved when love and lust are…

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