The ramblings of a self-published author. (Ps- my novel, “The Defeatist” is free for your kindle)

Sophie Bowns

My novel, “The Defeatist” is free on Amazon Kindle today-

(Friday 24th July)


The Defeatist actual kindle image

So, what is “The Defeatist” actually about?

I’d describe The Defeatist as a tale of love, loss and second chances as my protagonist; Jude Reed struggles to deal with personal situations which are both in and out of his control.
The novel itself offers a suggestion of what could happen to someone in the afterlife if they happen to get trapped in the ‘in-between.’
Jude isn’t alone for long. He meets Tiffany, a seemingly free- spirited and happy young woman and these questions come to light-

  • Who is she, and why have she and Jude been put together on this journey?
  • Why can’t Jude’s Dad accept his own son?
  • What was it that actually pushed Jude Reed over the edge and will he ever be able to make amends?

(Of course…

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