Tilting at Windmills, Or In This Case – Amazon

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Jeff Bezos

Whether you love or loath Jeff Bezos and his monster child Amazon, what the members of Authors United (many of them, well known) simply fail to grasp is that its thanks to Amazon becoming a major book seller, that at long last the literary playing field has been levelled. The days when it was the exclusive domain of the snooty over priviledged few, especially here in the UK,  are finally over thank god! They can no longer rely on book sales based on what they have written in the past, or who they rub shoulders with to determine their social standing, in other words the old boy’s network. What they should be taking into consideration while their lawyers are busy ganging up on Amazon is this, what really counts? Is it your injured pride or is it the dramatic collapse in your book sales of late? Like it…

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