Tagathon | Would You Rather…



A few weeks ago, I was tagged by novelist and blogger friend, Rachel Carrera, to take part in this little question and answer tagathon. Thanks, Rachel… I bet you thought I’d forgotten!

  1. Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones? 

I love reading a book series, because there is nothing I enjoy more than getting to the end of a great book and being able to dive straight into the next part of the story. The exception was the Game of Thrones book series; I was so annoyed when I go to the end of the first set of seven books and there was no resolution to any of the threads in the story, I just gave up in disgust! It went on far too long, in my opinion, and ended up being purely a money-spinner. Oh, and I do read standalones, too.

  1. Would you rather only…

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