Cradled Dreams by Beverly Hoffman #bookreview #BrookCottageBks

Rosie Amber

Cradled DreamsCradled Dreams by Beverly Hoffman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cradled Dreams is a family drama around the subject of surrogacy. Set in America we meet Robin and Georgie at Thanksgiving. They are sisters-in-law. Georgie has severe endometriosis and fibroids and is desperate to have a baby. Robin is lucky she already as an eight year old son and in a spur of the moment decision she offers to have a baby for Georgie which she will give to her sister-in-law after its birth.

There follows lengthy family discussions for all those involved, ethics are questioned, is it against God’s design? The plan goes ahead, Georgie is very excited and plans her nursery and chooses names. Robin too gives the growing baby a name and as she connects maternally to her unborn offspring she questions her own ability to give the child away.

This book is a slow read…

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