The 777 Writer’s Challenge

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I’ve been tagged by Ali Isaacs, to participate in the 777 Writer’s Challenge.

Ali is a fellow committee member of the ‘Annual Bloggers Bash Awards’ (known as The ABBA’s) which are taking place in London on August 1st, 2015.The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards (ABBA's)So far, 20 bloggers (most of whom have never met each other before) have confirmed they’re attending the event.  There is a full day of events planned, plus winners of the Awards will be announced during the day.  If you haven’t voted for your favourite bloggers yet then you have until 12pm BST on July 30th to do so.  Click here to be taken to the voting page, and click here for more details about the event.

Now on to the challenge.  I have to go to the seventh sentence on the seventh page of a work in progress and reveal the next seven sentences.  Those of you that have followed…

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