Something New – Part 13

Dellani Oakes

something new coverWith Irving gone, everyone is able to relax and get some serious work done. In the infamous scene 5, Austin and Liat exchange a kiss. He completely loses himself in the moment. His professional aplomb shaken, he excuses himself, nearly running to his trailer.

Dwight went into Austin’s trailer without knocking. His friend paced from one end to the other, muttering. He nodded when Dwight entered, but kept pacing.

“You okay?”

“Yes.” He walked past. “No.” He turned and went the other way.

“That was some kiss.”

“Yes.” He repeated the pacing, back and forth with long, quick steps.

“What’s wrong?”

“Did that look real? Like really real—not television real—but I want to shag her real.”


“Damn. I was afraid of that.”


“Because, I want to shag her. It was bloody wonderful! She tasted like strawberries and—and chocolate and simply amazing, tantalizing girl. I want to snog her

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