#Read about Guest #Author Barb Caffrey

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Barb CaffreyHi, everyone. I’m Barb Caffrey. Author, musician, scholar, editor, baseball fan…and talking about myself is hard.

You see, as a writer, I’m used to writing about other people. Not much about me…and when I have written about me, I usually talk about my late husband Michael B. Caffrey (1958-2004) a great deal (as he was instrumental in my life, no pun intended). Or I talk about things that matter to me, rather than about what makes me tick.

Granted, the things that matter to me do explain, at least in part, who and what I am as a person. But that’s not enough, not for a blog introduction like this one.

Maybe if I told you how I started writing it might help?

When I was around nine or ten years old, my elementary school teacher gave everyone in my class an assignment. We were to find a subject we…

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