Are YOU Ready for EROTICA With a BITE??!! 

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

vergene 3 pic

Three Full-Length Novels That Will Make You Sigh, Moan, and Gasp!
Immerse Yourself in Three Pieces of Erotica That Go Outside the Box.

VERGENE (REVENGE, TWISTED) — A Successful Woman with Three Dark Secrets Finds Her World Threatened by a Beautiful Babysitter.

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TWELVE DOORS TO ECSTASY – A Sexually Naive Woman Takes a Carnal Journey Inside a Building Filled With Colorful Doors. For A Great Sum Of Money She Must Participate In The Sensual Joys Behind Them, But Is Her Freedom – Or Life Itself – At Risk?

Book Trailer —
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TWO DAYS TO PASSION — A Sequel to Twelve Doors, Tryst Sanyon’s life Is Again in Peril From the Voyeuristic Sociopath She Escaped With her Sexually Proficient Friends.

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