My short story: “Forever Yours” – a taster from “You’re Not Alone”, the anthology in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care



Twent11705837_967531943267360_280957472_oy-seven writers from around the world, including myself have entered an assortment of short stories for your pleasure, in aid of MacMillan Cancer Care. 

As a taster, here is an excerpt from the short story I contributed:Forever Yours

His mother was older now and already in her seventies. She opened the door with a drink in her hand and waved them in. She had long white fluffy hair and wore a wide lilac throw, giving a bohemian and elegant impression.
“I thought she was younger,” Marina said when they got to the living room and she looked disapproving to her son.
Diane was taken aback.
“I’m only kidding,” Marina said and laughed almost hysterically. “Don’t stand there like a lemon,” she ordered Diane and opened her arms wide. “Give us a hug.”
Diane did as she was told but was still in shock over the opening remark.

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