3 Step Method to Finding and Fixing Plot Holes

Writing Is Hard Work

plot holeMy latest novel, The Terminarch Plot, is probably my most ambitious work yet.  I spent at least 6 months designing the backstory and various otherworldly settings where the series would take place.

However, once the first novel was complete and off to the beta-readers, I was informed right away that there were several plot holes that had unfortunately been overlooked.  I had to remedy the situation immediately.

I discovered that there is a very practical three step method for finding plot holes and patching them:

  1. Good Beta Readers – When you choose a beta reader, they need to be someone who is not really a close friend or relative, someone who is an avid reader, and someone who thinks on a logical level of Mr. Spock from Star Trek.  They are someone who actively looks for plot paths in your novel and follows every thread.  These people are not hard…

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