If You Loved to Hate Dennis Rask in DIVISIVE, Prepare Yourself for Another Thrilling Date With Him in THE FIFTH GAME !!!!

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

fifth game

In this sequel to the sexual thriller DIVISIVE, Dennis Rask has found the newest family to garner his wrath and he’s seduced Elizabeth Connors into joining him for THE FIFTH GAME. While he manipulates Clarissa Gravelle in an attempt to send her to the netherworld, Elizabeth has been charged with seducing her twin sons to the same fate. Will Elizabeth succumb to the dark forces driving her lover, or will she redeem herself in time to save her soul? THE FIFTH GAME (Divisive 2 : Elizabeth’s Soul)

BOOK REVIEW — The Devil’s student graduates
By Cindy J. Smith on June 2. So many plot twists and turns that I read this book in two days (boss made me work). I found myself feeling for the boys and Frank, worrying about Elizabeth and Andrea, and hating the evil Dennis Rask. My opinions changed by the end of the book, but will…

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