New Opportunities with Kindle Unlimited?


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Now that Kindle Unlimited pays a royalty based on the number of pages read instead of the number of books borrowed and read to 10%:

  • Some KDP Select authors of longer books who see customers reading 100% of their books are jumping up and down with joy.
  • Some KDP Select authors of shorter books who are accustomed to seeing $1.35 per borrow are complaining of their frustrations.
  • (There are more than just two camps, of course.)

Complaining and feeling frustrated isn’t a strategy for publishing success. (Turning that frustration into motivation to unite others who feel the same toward positive action, that’s different.)

What seems disappointing and frustrating to some may serve as an opportunity for others.

Suppose that you had a series of 30-page stories, where the Kindle Edition Normalize Page Count (KENPC) is 50 pages. (This is just an example.)

In this…

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