“Returning” (Book # 2 in The Books of James C. Patch Trilogy) by Gary D. Henry

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady



“This is the continuing story of James C. Patch and Jacob
Masterson. The fi rst book, The Books of James C. Patch:
The Barrier chronicled the adventures of Jacob Masterson as he
attempted to destroy the evil barrier that was preventing spirits
from entering the Utopia on the other side. James C. Patch was
an author living in the early 1900’s when tragedy struck his
family when he decided to write down what he found out about
death and the afterlife. James C. Patch was a split-spirit. A spirit
that could split from his body prior to death and was able to
cross through the barrier and see through his spirit what was on
the other side. While in his spirited state he noticed millions of
spirits that were not able to penetrate the barrier. The majority
of these spirits were children who had not had…

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