The Witness

Sophie Bowns

defeatist car

Grace :

Oh God! I saw it all, I watched a man die

The car completely shattered in the blink of an eye

I didn’t  know what to do, the situation was too bizarre

I stood like a coward, when I should have pulled him from his car

Do you know who he was, or why he was out so late?

Why did he make me see it, was it all a terrible mistake?

I glanced at his damaged face; his body was a broken mess

Do you think he died quickly or did he suffer in distress?

Oh God, I observed everything. I’m numb, I can’t yet cry

What had this poor soul been through to make him want to die?

An extract from chapter 1

“This is Grace Winters.”
Oh shit. I feel guilty; it can’t have been pleasant to watch. She sniffs and wipes her eyes with a…

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