Something New – Part 7

Dellani Oakes

something new coverLiat is even more impressed with Austin when he rescues her from the unwanted advances of Irving, the pervy director.

“How could either of you tell?”

“Your stance changed,” Dex explained. “Austin’s been studying with me and my brothers for almost a year. About to test of his orange belt in Krav Maga. Well, it’s more Romy Maga.”

“Never heard of Romy Maga. Is it new?”

The men chuckled. “My brother Romy, it’s his personal blend. Mostly Krav Maga with a few of his tricks added in. Also known as Death à la Romy. I expect you’ll meet him eventually. He helps choreograph stunts.”

“I thought you did that.”

“No, I don’t have time with my catering duties. If The Magician gets in a really good tussle, Romy choreographs it. What do you study?”

“Aikido. A friend of mine was raped at university. She killed herself. At her funeral, the…

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