Self Publishing – The Errors of My Ways…

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Fiona Tarr 02Like many budding authors I felt on top of the world when I completed my first book. The euphoria was quickly replaced by the stark realisation that no one was willing to publish or promote my work.

It took me over six years to finish my first book, so I was a little impatient to see it published. Unfortunately I rushed through the self publishing process only to discover that my book had some inherent copy editing issues that had not been addressed. I made quite a few mistakes when I first self published, but it is through these mistakes that I learnt so much.

What I should have done

  • I should have had my manuscript professionally edited.
  • I should have taken the time to seek out successful mentors for advice, support and personal development.
  • I should have researched the publishing, marketing and management process more thoroughly.

I don’t regret…

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