Gender Bias in Publishing: What Can Readers Do?

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Fildes_Woman_reading4 Ways Readers Can Promote Equality

via Nicole Froio at Book Riot

Publishing house And Other Stories has vowed to only publish female authors for a year after The Guardian‘s Kamila Shamsie challenged publishers to address gender bias in the literary world. Along with Shamsie’s provocative words was the shocking (yet predictable) statistic that only 40% of books submitted to the Booker prize over the past five years were by women.

I truly identify with Shamsie’s proposal and I am happy that And Other Stories has taken up the challenge (and have my fingers crossed so that other publishing houses take up the challenge). It’s exhausting to live in a world where stories about men are the only ones that matter or that are worth paying attention to, in a world where women’s journeys are considered trivial and silly.

However wonderful this is, I believe there are other ways to tackle inequality…

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