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Book Cover IdeasBook Cover Love – Book Cover Designers for Self-Published Authors

Readers+Writers Journal’s new series on affordable services for self-published authors begins with the most important part of your book (aside from the words inside): book covers.

Do Book Covers Matter?

How important are book covers to selling your self-published book? Smashwords founder Mark Coker says they’re key. According to Coker, “In addition to promising what a book will deliver, the [cover] image also promises (or fails to promise) that the author is a professional, and that the book will honor the reader’s time.”

Coker reports that Smashwords has seen example after example of cover changes that made an enormous impact on sales. As Coker documents in his free ebook,The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, romance author R.L. Mathewson, went from selling five or six copies a day of her novel,Playing for Keeps, to over 1,000 a day…

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